We are a Leading Company with 10 years experience of electronic repair & 4 years of experience in graphic design.

We take pride in servicing our clients needs and providing them with information they need to succeed.

We’re based in Florence, SC, but we also work around the Pee Dee area and remotely for electronic repair.

We not only repair electronics, we make graphic designs, such as; Flyers, Album Covers, 3D Renders, Posters, Banners, Book Covers & much more.


Our CEO Zack Alleyne is from Florence, SC. He's a former athlete who stumbled upon the Tech industry after moving back to his hometown, while not being able to find a job he started repairing computers in his neighborhood and his clientele grew from there.

As his clientele grew, within one year he was called to contract with Dell and grew his skills and resume tremendously.

Zack is fully dedicated to his community, he owns a minor league basketball team (Florence Wildcats) which provides a platform for young adults to thrive on a higher level and gives the community an opportunity to fellowship in a safe environment.

He also has a sporting brand (Tunnel Vision Athletics) where he trains younger kids and shows them the right way to play the game, by assistancing them with building their skills in their sport & in the books.